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Pork Belly Flatbread

Here's a flatbread you'll want to pig out on! Chef Joe takes us through the making of this chef series feature, pork belly flatbread.

Local Mushroom & Beans Dish

Chef Joe Heppe takes inspiration from his family Thanksgiving to put together this featured dish at I.d. incorporating purple, green, and sea beans from BrynTeg Farm. 

Burrata, Figs & Cherry Tomatoes

In this installment of "Inspired", Chef Joe walks us through his inspiration behind the unique flavors of his signature Burrata, figs & cherry tomatoes dish - served fresh at I.d. in Delafield, Wisconsin.

Dayboat Scallops

Chef Joe shares his inspiration behind the unique flavors of one of I.d.'s most well-known and most ordered dishes - Dayboat Scallops.

Lamb Ribs

Executive Chef Joe Heppe shares some of his secrets on what makes his signature Lamb Ribs dish so special.

Spanish Octopus

Executive Chef Joe Heppe discusses the inspiration behind his signature Octopus dish served at I.d. in Delafield, Wisconsin

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