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In the words of Chef Joe, “Produce is sexy.”


I.d. makes an effort to source local produce and meat whenever possible, so we’ve formed a network of farms dedicated to providing the freshest ingredients for our dishes. One of these is BrynTeg Farm, located in Ashippun, WI. Owner Caryl grew up on the farm, when it was dairy cows and mulberry trees, and though she and her husband Gary bought the land in 1978, BrynTeg Farm as we know it came along 30 years later.


Caryl and Gary always knew the importance of growing their own food. They spent years giving their produce to single income families and those struggling financially. When friends suggested they start selling their produce, the idea took off. In 2005, Caryl and Gary started selling vegetable boxes at the farmers’ market. They took a few years to decide what they wanted to do long term, and in 2009, BrynTeg Farm became official.

“Both of us love what we’re doing. We love coming out and just being out here.” 
Caryl Watterson - BrynTeg Farm Owner
BrynTeg Farm.jpg

Although they aren’t a certified organic farm, BrynTeg Farm grows their produce organically. “We don’t put anything but natural things back into the soil. We have a huge compost pile,” says Caryl. I.d. adds to that pile whenever possible, sending items out to the farm to help keep their soil healthy, which is important to Caryl and Gary.


The goal of BrynTeg Farm: “To teach the next generation the importance of growing their own food.”

They’re active with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), farm to school programs and schools’ master gardener programs, and they intertwine their love of farm education with community involvement.

So, what keeps Caryl and Gary in the industry? It’s simple. As Caryl puts it, “Both of us love what we’re doing. We love coming out and just being out here.” 


They love watching their produce grow from the soil they spend countless hours caring for. They love watching chefs have as much fun creating with their produce as they did growing it. They work as a team and have accomplished so much–not only in their almost 10 years as BrynTeg Farm, but in their 40-plus years together.

I.d. has been one of BrynTeg Farm’s customers for the last three years. We use a variety of their produce–from asparagus to tomatoes to flowers. Some of Chef Joe’s favorite items include sweet potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, sunchokes and asparagus– always fresh, always delicious.

Chef Joe uses BrynTeg Farm’s cherry tomatoes and johnny jump ups in his iconic burrata dish. Check it out!
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